Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Promotion in the Music Industry

There is something about musicians that resists marketing, especially self promotion. I think there is a perverse pride that musicians have about not being in business. This alienation to business creates a great disservice to everyone involved.

If you don't approach your music as a serious endeavor, it will not be taken seriously. Is music your full time career or is it a hobby? The answer to this question is central to your decision as to how you should approach the business side of it.

Think of any business, product or service. They all have one thing in common. They promote, they advertise, they sell. This is not a violation of your internal commitment to the arts and creativity. On the contrary, it's what makes you a professional as opposed to a hobbyist. Playing music as a hobby is fine. These comments are more addressed to professionals and those who want to be professionals.

Creativity creates your product or service. Then, you have to introduce it to the public, find your audience and provide something of value.

This is simply a mind set. Learn to think business after you have created your service or product.

Your reward will be the opportunity to indulge your passion while making a living.

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