Friday, August 15, 2008

Neo Classical Guitar

What is neo classical guitar? According to some, it's a style of lead guitar featuring speed as well as "classical scales and arpeggios" such as the Harmonic minor scale and the diminished 7th arpeggio.

To claim that this has anything to do with classical or neo classical guitar borders on the ridiculous!

We certainly recognize the form called classical guitar as a nylon string instrument, played on the left leg, using the nails and fingertips of the thumb (p), the index finger (i), the middle finger (m) and the ring finger(a). This is the form made popular by Andrea Segovia. Its repertoire as well as its sound and technique stamped this form as classical guitar.

I think the form that I developed in the 80's qualifies as Neo Classical Guitar. It's characterized by the use of the modern guitar, acoustic or electric, played with a pick and performing transcriptions of recognized classical composers.

If you would like to hear this form, check out Kaleidophon the Art of the Neo Classical Guitar.

There is a demo at The CD is also available on the same site.

Look for two new Neo Classical Guitar CDs titled "Timeless": and "Virtuosity" to be released in the Fall!

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