Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parental Objection to the Pursuit of the Arts

Parental objection to the pursuit of the arts is premised on what? It is based at least in part on a lack of clear-cut evidence of potential in the field. Because of the confusion concerning the stability of the field, it is possible that those with great ability never pursue a career in music. If they do not pursue it, are they even aware that they have a potential! Certainly, there are many who do not seek their sphere of greatest ability because of fear - fear of failure - failure measured in any way. The same type of uncertainty faces people in other fields but the unknown has always been exaggerated in the pursuit of the arts. Thus, most have pursued "secure' jobs which has often led to discontent. Frustration is typically the result of pursuing work that is alien to one's inclination. Since so many people are engaged in work that is unfulfilling, the entire work ethic is deteriorating or has deteriorated. The majority of the work force clamor for a shorter day, more income and more benefits. Dedication to any field calls for enormous commitment of time and energy. Perhaps an advantage of the arts is that few people pursue them without dedication. If one is not happy with one's work, why does one engage in it? Some possibilities are a lack of ability, foresight, courage or determination. There is no shortage of alternatives. Since so many are engaged in work which does not satisfy them, the world is filled with mediocrity. Why has mediocrity become the standard of acceptability! What is wrong with the criterion of excellence? Is it truly more difficult to attain ? Even if it is more difficult, the rewards and personal satisfaction of accomplishment are sufficiently great to justify the time, effort and struggle.

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