Monday, August 4, 2008

The Diversity of Music

One of the most fascinating aspects of music is its diversity. By diversity, I don't mean styles of music. Certainly, there are many forms of music available - Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Blues, Country and on.

In this context, I'm talking about the many levels of music. How many ways there are to enjoy and appreciate music.

1) Music is intellectual. There are so many principles behind music that one could spend a life time unravelling them. As a profession, we could call one who pursues these principles, a theoretician. But on a more casual level, understanding what is behind, what is beneath the music merely enhances one's enjoyment of music, regardless of the form that music takes.

2) Music is emotional. Whether you are a singer, an instrumentalist, a composer, a song writer or just a fan, music provides a deep sense of emotional satisfaction. It's difficult to find another activity that offers so much to so many.

3) Music is physical. Musicians train endless hours to develop the strength, agility and stamina that it takes to play music successfully. In this sense, the pursuit of music is like the pursuit of athletics.

4) Music is psychological. The control of the mind and the psyche is enhanced by the development of patience, the ability to communicate, the ability to work with others and the ability to balance ego and humility.

5) Music is philosophical. In music, many have found a way of life that benefits them in many facets of their own lives. The Greek Golden Mean of moderation, harmony and balance provides a basic structure by which you can guide your life.

These are just a few of the many ways that music influences and impacts lives.

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