Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Politics of Music

"Who you know" is a commonly thought prerequisite of success in the music business. Though there is a certain amount of truth to that, it is highly overrated. "Knowing" people who can assist you in your music career is nothing more complicated than meeting them. I do not deny the importance of "contacts" or the difficulty of making them but many people allow this problem to disrupt their determination. It is commonly said that contacts allow one to enter a field but ability allows one to remain and prosper in it.

Determine a Direction

Before even considering contacts, one must develop abilities and determine a direction. Whether this involves formal study or self teaching is inconsequential. The important thing is that the physical ability to perform is developed along with the creative sense and the sensitivity of the ear.

At whatever point the individual feels that he is ready to pursue a specific direction, he can begin his search for contacts. The most important fact to remember in this search is that you must locate the contact not the reverse. Though you may disagree, the contact has less to gain than you do, at least initially. You are vitally interested in yourself and your future. The contact is typically not that interested. Thus, the pressure is on you to make the moves. You do not have to be born into contacts. You do not have to live next door to a contact. You do have to open a strong, definite line of communication between yourself and everyone with whom you come into contact. If you are shy and reluctant to express yourself, you must work on overcoming this problem. Though it does require an effort, it is well worth it.

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