Friday, October 17, 2008

The Three Words

There are three words commonly used in music that should be avoided - or at least redefined.

These words are Practice, Play and Rules.

Practice - This implies boring repetition. It's uncreative and unproductive.

Play - This connotes casual fun - a frivolous, optional activity.

Rules -These are a rigid set of "laws" which must be followed.

I would suggest that the word Practice be replaced with the word Explore.

I would suggest that the word Play be replaced with the word Work.

I would suggest that the word Rules be replaced with the word Principles.


When you explore music, it becomes fun and exciting. To explore is to discover!

Work in the music business is not like work in any other field. Most musicians feel blessed to make music their career. So work in this context is joyful not tedious.

The Principles of music hold the key to the development of your potential. Within these principles, there is unlimited opportunity to expand your creativity.

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Curt Sheller Publications said...

These are great words to live by in the music field. I often relay this same information to my students. Great stuff.