Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entertainment as a Career

Let's say you are pursuing the life of a performer. Whatever makes you inclined in that direction tends to make you "un-inclined" to follow up on the business side of music. Are you sure that you want to pursue this as your business? Are you sure that this pursuit is not just a hobby? If it is a hobby, that's fine. But if it's going to be a business, then you have to take care of "business".

Back in the day, a manager was necessary to pursue this field. Today, things have changed so much that I'm not so sure that it's as necessary as it once was.

What do you absolutely need today? An agent's job is to get you performances. That's essential! There is no performing career without performances. How about a lawyer, an accountant, a road manager, a sound company, a lighting company, roadies etc,etc. Well, all in good time.

But I want to focus today on the role of Public Relations. At one time, this may have been considered a fancy luxury. But, considering the changes in the industry, I feel that the role of PR is now one of those necessary things to have. Of course, it has to be a good firm that can deliver what they claim to be able to deliver. That will take some searching and some interviewing - both on your part and on their part.

Some simple guidelines. The firm or individual should have been in business at least 10 years. They should specialize in music - in particular your kind of music. They need to be flexible as far as the programs that they offer and the fees that they charge. After all, you're not usually rolling in money at the beginning of your music career.

It's a search but it's well worth the effort. So that's my overly simplistic suggestion. You need an agent and good PR. The rest will be up to you!

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