Thursday, December 4, 2008

Develop Your Own Uniqueness

The guitar world has always been obsessed with who is faster or better. The reality is that all good players are fast and knowledgeable about chords, improvisation and harmony.

What makes one different than another is not the external factors of technique but the unique projection of personality that comes through the music. Just as you meet one person that you like and another person that you don't like, the audience is only affected by their own individual response to a player.

Does the player move them or not? After all, the audience is not in a position to judge a player on the basis of his or her technique or knowledge. The audience can only react. This is ultimately a good thing.

Bill Evans said something that I always admired . He said you must please yourself. Play what pleases you. You can't chase players or styles or trends. In essence, he was saying find your own voice.

From a marketing point of view, you have to find an audience that likes your style, your sound, your personality.

If you become your own unique self, you'll never be disappointed with the results!

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