Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Jazz Guitar

I'm currently writing a series of articles for the national magazine Just Jazz Guitar. The articles take a detailed look at the process of reading music for the jazz guitarist. The first installment appears in the November issue of 2008.

Just Jazz Guitar, as the name implies, focuses on the art and craft of the jazz guitar.It's refreshing to see a guitar magazine that isn't loaded with Rock guitar gear and misleading columns.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in the jazz guitar to subscribe to this fine magazine.

Contact Ed Benson at and tell him that I sent you.

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KBC said...

Hi Chuck,

I'm thrilled with your first installment on reading for guitar in JJG. I'm a teacher and player who operates from a "reading perspective" for all styles - fingerstyle and pickstyle. There are so many possibilities for growth and inspiration. One big problem I see is the idea that non-classical players must always be original, think up their own compositions and solos. There is a wealth of joy to be found in the interpretation of published arrangements and compositions for guitar. We are the only instrument that downplays this trend. Why so? There is SO MUCH to gain. We must read with confidence and a positive, flexible sense of discovery and artistry. Rejoice in the written page as we come to know each notated work for guitar that we encounter!