Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino

I recently wrote this in Pat Martino's guest book after hearing an interview that he did about his experience with Wes Montgomery.

I listened recently to your interview about your experience with Wes Montgomery, It was strangely similar to mine. It took place when I was 16 and it was also at Pep's Bar. After a set, Wes came to my table and said "Hi! I'm Wes Montgomery. I understand that you play guitar. Do you have any questions?" I asked about his octaves. At the time, I thought he pinched the 2 notes. He laughed and corrected that wrong impression. He then went to the bandstand and brought his guitar over to me. He handed me the guitar and showed me how to play octaves.I was thrilled and still have his picture in my studio. At that time, he had just released Boss Guitar, a vinyl LP. He asked if I had any requests. I was so flustered that I asked for "Pied Fries" which of course was actually "Fried Pies". When he played the song in the next set, he announced the song as "Pied Fries" Just thought I would share that memory with you.

Coreen and I send our love to you and Aya.

Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson

Lafayette Hill, PA USA - Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 23:49:48 (EDT)

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