Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's Music

I think that the state of today's contemporary Pop/Rock/Indie music has reached an all time low. Most groups that I see on TV can't move, sing, write or play. Their personalities could be described as cardboard but that would be an insult to cardboard.

Why they are in music at all is a mystery to me. My only guess is that it beats working for minimum wage.

It's obvious that they don't study or practice or do anything other than exercise their egos in front of the public. The fact that they have audiences is either a tribute to their marketing skills or a general insult to the listening public.

There is a silver lining to this sad story. I once thought that there was a correlation between talent and success. Instead, I've replaced that theory with another theory - and it is generally optimistic! Don't worry about being good enough or having any talent. Don't worry whether or not you can recruit adoring fans. Anyone can find a niche for whatever they do. And with some effort, you can turn that niche into a fan base with income to follow.

Your conscience should be your only barometer and without any conscience the sky's the limit!

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