Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chuck Anderson Performs - Pirouette

Here I am ( Chuck Anderson ) performing my original composition "Pirouette" on Miles of Music (www.worldofguitar.com) hosted by Bob Miles. www.ChuckAndersonGuitar.com, www.worldofguitar.com

My Short Jazz Guitar Bio

As a Jazz guitarist, Chuck broke into the Philly Jazz Scene with the Chuck Anderson Trio in 1973. The group featured Al Stauffer on bass and rotated Tim Paxon, Ray Deely and Darryl Brown on drums. The trio played concerts throughout the east coast and recorded its first album in 1975. the album, originally titled Mirror Within a Mirror is included in a compilation CD titled Teh Vintage Tracks. This CD, released in 2005, contains all of the trio recordings from the 70's.

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